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my mother talking about the painting: (hungarian)

Váry Vojtovics Zoltán painted this painting in 1941. The painting shows hungarys patronist Maria who stands in an earthglobe which is interestingly in flames... He started to paint war related pictures at that times. Váry gave a deffensive purpose to Maria to help Hungary in the war. She holds the crown in her hands on a velvet pillow. This particular painting was made for an altar-piece to a church made by Migazzi in Veresegyház. In the 50's - because there was no Hammer and Sickle emblem on it - they sold and delivered the painting to Mesztegnyő with a farm-wagon. It was used as an altar-piece there as well. When I became a medical student and later when I finished my studies my mother and my grandmother always cried about how they've lost their religious properties which got carried away to Mesztegnyő in Somogy state without their permission. I decided to write a letter signed as Dr. Kovácsy Sarolta so they tought I'm a lawyer and they immidiately sent the painting back with a train to Rákospalota. Later on the thieves couldn't stole it because it's such a huge piece it couldn't fit through a double-side door either. The frame arrived highly damaged so We got a fair ammount of money for it from the insurance company because it was damaged during the train transport. It was a Blondel frame around 40 cm wide. The painting was in our house, it's still there. We got lots of paintings stolen from there, we got several burglary but the Maria painting is still there. Olga used to sleep underneath this when she was a little girl and who tought she will write her diploma about this piece.