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For the revision of known everyday signs – instead of the interpretation – I chose projection and free association.
Optic experiments helped me to create an eye-glass, which when we put on creates a process similar to cameras
and the small hole turns the defocused lights of world around us into the chosen signs. In our two eyes the signs
divide the night scene of Budapest. In our left eye the moving mass of swastikas turns into sweeping heart shapes.
This way the long lines of car lights turn into a totally different space of association.

The process of converting to symbols:
manual defocus
the lights turn into blobs
the holes in the cardboard filter and reshape the incomming lights and turn them into the cutout symbols

The installation and demonstration for the glass consists of the glass and a line of light sources.
Through the cardboard cutout on a four diopter reading glass the same process takes place as in a camera. The light
sources turn into symbols.
For people who already use a same kind of reading glass, the process won’t work, they need a stronger glass for it
to defocus the scene.